Vicenza 3.0: Imparando dal Passato International Exhibition of Student Work

Stamperia d’Arte Busato, Vicenza, Italy. Photograph by Giancarlo Busato.

Working with Giancarlo Busato and Sotirios Papadopoulos, Bradley Walters co-curated an international exhibition of work prepared by students from the University of Florida School of Architecture. The exhibition included prints and engravings prepared by students in the Vicenza Institute of Architecture study abroad program in Vicenza, Italy.

Walters, Bradley, Giancarlo Busato, and Sotirios Papadopoulos. 2016. “Vicenza 3.0: Imparando dal Passato (Learning from the Past).” Stamperia d’Arte Busato, Vicenza, Italy, March 21 – April 1.