Independent Research in the Final Year: Masters Research Projects at the University of Florida, 2000 to 2010

Submission to the Journal of Architectural Education JAE 65:1 Ending Design | Spring 2011
Collaborative Work with Martha Kohen, Ann Lindell, and Kevin Fitzgerald

Mixed / Variable Roles in Research: Masters Research Projects 2000-2010. Image by Bradley Walters + Kevin Fitzgerald.


The Graduate School of Architecture at the University of Florida is conducting institutional research regarding the changing nature and gradual evolution of its end-of-studies Masters Research Project (MRP). Covering a decade of work, the authors contextualize the MRP in the sequence of the graduate studies and identify its role in the dual character of finishing the curricular requirements and initiating the students in a personal, professional or academic itinerary. The conclusions highlight the evolutionary trends in subjects and concerns, pointing towards an increasingly student-centered education that sets research priorities as defined by the upcoming generations.

You can find the full paper here.